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Welcome Franklin families!

Franklin School is a community that prides itself on being engaged, forward-thinking, passionate, and generous.  We continue to work hard to fulfill SMMUSD’s mission of extraordinary achievement for all students while simultaneously closing the achievement gap. Franklin’s mission is to inspire and equip every student to become a life-long learner and positive contributor to society through high expectations and rigorous academics, engaged and individualized instruction, shared Franklin values, and a strong and supportive community. At Franklin School, we are committed to exemplary instruction designed to educate the whole child so that he or she may become a productive and contributing member of the global economy.  Our devoted and collaborative staff, supportive PTA, and Site Governance Council are dedicated to providing an education that readies students for the challenges they may encounter through their lifetime and encourages a love of learning.  The entire school community has worked in unison to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can attain their highest level of achievement while meeting the diverse needs of all.

At Franklin, we have a rich tradition of providing students with a high quality education that fosters creative and critical thinking, effective communication, academic achievement, self-advocacy, and learning through the arts. We understand that we have an impact on our environment and are constantly working on more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We understand that differentiation of instruction is important and we do so in many ways in order to stretch our students. We use Thinking Maps so that students can reach higher levels of creative and critical thinking.  In conjunction with Thinking Maps, we use Write From the Beginning to help us impart the critical skills required for being proficient and eloquent writers.  Many of our teachers also use Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. We use Cognitively Guided Instruction to assist in deepening students’ conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts. We embrace technology and have programs that support and enhance the learning of our students.  We also believe that the arts and organized play are vital to the education of children.

Our school provides an environment where students can learn, expand their creativity, and develop social-emotional strength through high expectations of both students and adults on campus.  Our school rules are carefully designed to protect our students’ best interests and to help our students attain success. Students are responsible for knowing the contents of the Franklin Handbook as it applies to rules and regulations. Every family is expected to sign the agreement sheet and return it to school after reading the handbook. As noted in the handbook, students are expected to act responsibly and to achieve to the best of their ability academically, behaviorally, and socially. Adults are expected to demonstrate integrity, courtesy, respect and model appropriate talk and dress while on the Franklin campus. Please carefully read the section about what constitutes bullying behaviors and how parents can partner in the effort to stop it. We encourage you to listen to your child’s concerns and contact your child’s teacher for support.

In order to further the communication between parents and teachers, we have parent/teacher conferences in November and provide two report cards in February and June. We have regular PTA and Site Governance meetings where you can hear the latest information about what is occurring on our campus and have a voice in school decisions. We also provide regular updates and announcements through our eblast system, Franklin School website, PTA website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. Your participation in our school community is what makes Franklin such a great place!  We have many opportunities for you to volunteer on campus. Please attend a volunteer training if you haven’t in the past and complete the appropriate paperwork.

Together we make Franklin a place where students grow academic, socially, and emotionally! 


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